About Delta Data

The Trust Accountant has been honored with a 4 Star rating from "Trust & Estate Wealth Management Technology Review" and "The CPA Software News". Our trust accounting software was selected as one of the "Top 12 Estate Planning" software programs. Delta Data's trust accounting system is a Windows-based, real-time accounting program utilizing today's technology in a simple, user friendly format.

Our Mission
To design, develop, and deliver innovative technology solutions through a commitment to integrity, service and quality to our customers while providing a safe, enjoyable, creative environment for our employees.

What We Can Offer
Delta Data delivers a software service that provides easy, secure, highly rated solution for trust, probate, guardianship, and investment portfolio accounting, used by CPAs, attorneys, family offices, trust companies, and charities. The Trust Accountant by Delta Data, Inc., is used by trust accounting institutions nationwide. It is designed for community bank trust departments, independent trust companies, accountants, law firms, family offices, non-profit organizations and others that have the need to do trust, probate, and investment portfolio accounting.