Trust Accounting Software for Family Offices

Trust Accountant™ offers a simple, accurate way to manage trusts and investments. Having the right tools to manage the trust accounting and required reporting is critical. Delta Data, Inc., a leader in real-time fiduciary accounting software, has customized it's proven trust accounting software system, Trust Accountant™, to enable family offices to easily and cost-effectively manage trusts and estates.

Full-Featured, Intuitive Trust and Investment Accounting Software
Easily manage your trust and investment accounts with the intuitive interface of Trust Accountant™ which requires minimum training. Five input codeless data entry windows provide flexible accurate accounting with many standard and customizable financial reports. Logical menus and drop-down boxes allow quick and easy navigation through all the features and functions of this comprehensive trust and investment accounting program.

Tax Reporting and Client Reporting Simplified
Trust Accountant™ generates professional financial reports for beneficiaries, decision makers, courts, tax preparation, and much more. Delta Data's companion program Trust Import™can be used to receive transaction data from brokers, banks and other financial vendors. The family office will appreciate the advanced features and standardized interface.

Reliable Trust and Estate Accounting Software
Trust Accountant™ has been honored with top ratings from industry publications and software reviews. Delta Data's trust accounting system is a real-time accounting and management program utilizing the latest technology in a simple, user friendly format.