Trust Accountant™

The Fiduciary Accounting Software Solution

Trust Accountant™ by Delta Data, Inc. is trust accounting financial software that offers all the features and benefits you need without the complexity and cost of the existing alternatives. We support sole practitioners, as well as regional trust banks. Our design and technology scales to both ends of the industry spectrum while offering the size and right features at every point.

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Trust Accountant can be broken down into 3 feature categories; Transaction Features, Security Features, and Report Features.

Trust Accountant Transaction Features

  • Simplified, standardized input screens
  • Import/export capabilities
  • Dividend/Interest map posting
  • Dividend/Interest reinvestment posting
  • Cash Sweep
  • Accrual Account (daily dollar balance)
  • Suppress transactions errors
  • Automatic fee calculation and posting
  • Tax lot tracking and Average cost
  • Check writing & Reconciliation
  • User-defined Income & Expense codes
  • Pooled Fund accounting
  • Data check for transactions accuracy

Trust Accountant Security Features

  • Levels of user access: Administration, Data Entry only, View only
  • Password security
  • Renew password options
  • Dual Authentication (TA Cloud)
  • Encrypted Sessions (TA Cloud)
  • Exceeds PCI/DSS User Id and Password Management Recommendations
  • PCI/DSS Complaint Host Facility (TA Cloud)

Trust Accountant Report Features

  • Easy-to-read customer statements (several formats)
  • Income Tax Report
  • Tax Code Edit
  • Asset gain and loss reports
  • Merge Income and Principal for Guardianships/Individuals
  • Real-time transactions and asset information lookup
  • Security pricing
  • Location reports for assets held
  • Account profile information
  • Portfolio modeling
  • Audit and Regulator Reports
  • Exports to Word® and Excel®
  • 800 telephone number support