The Trust Accountant™: Real-Time, Cost Effective, Flexible Financial Software

Trust Accountant is a comprehensive and flexible fiduciary portfolio accounting software program designed for the specific and unique needs of trusts, estates, guardianships, agency accounts. It is widely used by firms of all sizes including; trust companies, accountants, attorneys, family offices, guardians, charities and others that do this type of specialized record keeping. The Trust Accountant, by Delta Data, Inc., is reliable, full featured with customizable accounting reports for customers, beneficiaries, regulators, management and others that need to receive account information. It is a proven accounting tool in an intuitive, easy to use format with many advanced features, however, with a cost effective pricing structure. Delta Data's trust accounting system is a real-time accounting and management program utilizing the latest technology in a simple, user friendly format.

Reliable Trust and Estate Accounting Software
The Trust Accountant has been honored with top ratings from industry publications and software reviews. Foreign currency exchange features are now available.