Trust Accounting Software for Trust Companies

Community bank trust departments and independent trust companies are seeing increased demand for their services due to the aging population, bank consolidation and a more financially informed public. At the heart of these activities is the need to keep proper accounting and tax records according to fiduciary standards. Although there are several trust accounting software programs available in the market now, most are complicated and expensive, based in old technology with code driven transactions.

Full-Featured, Intuitive Trust and Estate Accounting Software
Delta Data, Inc. developed Trust Accountant™ with the goal of a trust accounting software program that uses current technology, is comprehensive, user friendly and cost-effective. Trust Accountant™ generates professional financial reports for customer statements, reports for the court, management, regulators, tax preparation and much more. Delta Data's companion program Trust Import™ can be used to receive transaction data from brokers, banks and other financial vendors.

Reliable Trust and Estate Accounting Software
Trust Accountant™ has been honored with top ratings from industry publications and software reviews. Delta Data's trust accounting system is a real-time accounting and management program utilizing the latest technology in a simple, user friendly format.