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Innovative Computer Professionals, Inc. (ICP)

ICP is a FinTech company that develops financial transaction processing solutions. They are a U.S. and international issuing and acquiring ATM/POS/eCommerce U.S. processor and a registered MasterCard issuer processor in the LAC. Their award winning OmniCommerce Processing Suite of Services, supports ATM, POS, eCommerce, mobile, gaming, bitcoin, processing and can be installed/operated in-house, or in the cloud.

ICP is well known for their custom financial solutions and currently provide development, technical support and network administration services to Delta Data, Inc.

Software of Things, Inc. (SoT)

Software of Things, Inc. is a financial services software company focused in the finance and banking sector. SoT specializes in solving complex problems by using the latest technology to provide a simple, user-friendly solution. Our ability to build custom software draws customers who come to us with unique needs that other organizations fail to meet. With our diverse range of expertise in many select areas – along with our many business partnerships – we can help you fulfill your software needs without breaking your budget.

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