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Trust Accountant Cloud™

We’ve taken all the features and functionality of our award-winning Trust Accountant desktop solution and moved them to the cloud! In an even more intuitive, easy-use, and modern interface, Trust Accountant Cloud™ (TAC) is a comprehensive and flexible fiduciary portfolio accounting software solution that is designed for the unique needs of trusts, estates, guardianships, and agency accounts. It is used by firms of all sizes including: trust companies, accountants, attorneys, family offices, guardians, charities and others that require this type of specialized record keeping. Like Trust Accountant, it is a reliable, full featured solution with customizable accounting reports for customers, beneficiaries, regulators, management and others that need to receive account information. TAC runs on any popular browser and can be accessed anywhere from any device that has an internet connection. Its reactive design lets you access your accounts from your PC, tablet, smart phone or other browser capable device.

Trust Accountant

Delta Data’s trust accounting system is a Windows-based, real-time accounting program utilizing the latest technology in a simple, user friendly format. The Trust Accountant has been honored with a 4 Star rating from “Trust & Estate Wealth Management Technology Review” and “The CPA Software News”. Our trust accounting software was also selected as one of the “Top 12 Estate Planning” software programs.

Trust Import

Trust Import allows the user to automatically download portfolio transactions from participating brokers, banks, and other financial institutions, thus eliminating the need for extensive manual entry. Transaction data can then be edited for improved readability and trust formatting as needed. This data is then transferred to the Posting Journal of the Trust Accountant.
Leverage By All Accounts, a Morningstar Company, which virtually assures that we can import from your brokers, financial institutions, or other financial management companies.

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TAC Provides...

Transaction Features

  • Simplified, standardized input screens
  • Import/export capabilities
  • Dividend/Interest map posting
  • Dividend/Interest reinvestment posting
  • Cash Sweep
  • Accrual Account (daily dollar balance)
  • Suppress transactions errors

Security Features

  • Levels of user access: Administration, Data Entry only, View only
  • Password security
  • Renew password options
  • Dual Authentication (TA Cloud)
  • Encrypted Sessions (TA Cloud)
  • Exceeds PCI/DSS User Id and Password Management Recommendations
  • PCI/DSS Complaint Host Facility (TA Cloud)

Report Features

  • Easy-to-read customer statements (several formats)
  • Income Tax Report
  • Tax Code Edit
  • Asset gain and loss reports
  • Merge Income and Principal for Guardianships/Individuals
  • Real-time transactions and asset information lookup
  • Security pricing